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SOMA PAVAMANA · Preparation of the Soma

Sustitutos del soma.R.G.Wasson,
Soma:Divine Mushroom of Inmortality 
(New York Harcurt Brace Jovanovich),P.105

The following account of the preparation of the Soma is condensed from Haug's  Aitareya Brahmana transl., p.489, note.

Preparation of the Soma

The Adwaryu takes the skin (charma or twachand put on it the filaments or shoots of the Soma plant (amshu). He then takes two boards (Adhishavana), puts one on the top of the Soma shoots, and beats it with the stones (gravana). then the shoots are put between the two boards an water is poured on then from the Vasativari pot. The shoots are then shaken in the Hotri's cup (chamasa), wetted again with the Vasativari water and put on a stone. Grass is laid on then and they are beaten so that the juice runs out. The juice is allowed to run into the trough (ahavaniya) then strained through the clouth (pavitra o dashapavitra),which is held by the Udgatri. the filtered juice is caught in another trough (putabhrit). Libations are poured from two kinds of vessels, grajas o saucer, and chamasas or cups.

Maharishi's Vedic Pundits: selection from the 4 Vedas

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